Disposal Area

  1. Recycle SMART (DEP)
  2. Stickers (Updated 10/16/18)
  3. Hours/Holidays
  4. Yarmouth Bag Ban
  5. Newspaper Vs. Mixed Paper
  6. Household Hazardous Waste
  7. Beyond the Bin
  8. Corrugated Cardboard (updated 12/11/18)
  9. Upcoming Events (updated 12/11/18)

Department of Environmental Protection has spent a considerable amount of time compiling a universal list for recycling, it may not apply to all items in Yarmouth, but well worth the look. Use the Recycle Smart link below to investigate money-saving, trash-reducing initiatives. Let me know what you think. Roby Whitehouse 508-398-2231 ext. 1515 or via e-mail rwhitehouse@yarmouth.ma.us

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  1. Hazardous Waste & Paint Recycling
  2. Mattress Recycling

Interested in learning more about Latex Paint Recycling?  Check out the Cape Cod Latex Paint Collection & Recycling Initiative website.

Check back soon for dates for 2019 for Hazardous Waste Collection dates 

Yarmouth Senior Center 

 528 Forest  Rd., West Yarmouth

Can't make that date visit:


There you will find the downloadable form to bring  to the next Hazardous Waste  Collection site.