Mission Statement and Messages from Kathi Bailey

mission statement
The mission of the Town of Yarmouth's Division of Senior Services is to foster an Age-Friendly community that enhances the quality of life for the Town's older adults (60+) and their families by providing programs and services in a supportive and accessible environment that contributes to vital aging through mental, physical, and financial wellness

Messages from the Director of Seniors Services

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Happy Summer,

While we enjoy the beauty of summer on Old Cape Cod, thirty-two percent of our older Yarmouth citizens continue to struggle as they fall below the economic security standard.   That means they only have enough income to cover basic housing, food, transportation and healthcare costs.    My concern is that the percentage is based on 2006 data and rising costs in all areas have definitely happened.   Why are our older persons falling below the economic security standard in the greatest Nation in the World and how are we preparing ourselves and our Youth in new ways to change this trajectory?  I’ve compiled a list of some “WHY’s” for you to think about and add to:
Pension Inadequacy
Poor personal financial planning 
Catastrophic Health Issues
Interrupted Employment
Low Wages over time
Rising Costs of Healthcare, Housing, Food, Transportation
Financial Scams
Family Needs support
Living beyond our means
Long Term Care 
I’m asking you to think about yourself, your neighbors and the future aging citizens of Yarmouth to engage in conversations and participate in solution building about these challenges.  This is your community for a day or a lifetime.  Democracy as defined in WIKIPEDIA is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.  What do we want our system of government to do about this challenge for today and tomorrow?  What will we do ourselves?   Please send me your thoughts as we prepare for some future gatherings and activities to address these challenges as an Intergenerational 
Experience.     We look forward to celebrating the Thirty-Year anniversary of the 
Yarmouth Senior Center throughout National Senior Center Month in September and honoring our successful past and future!  

Best,  Kathi