Wetland Protection for Realtors

Tips to Help the Buying and Selling Process Go Smoothly

  • Open Orders of Conditions recorded against the deed can impact closing, check early to avoid delays
  • Check with the Conservation Administrator for outstanding property issues
  • Review property related documents at your convenience by visiting the filing information page
  • For waterfront properties check there is a valid permit and license for the dock, revetment or seawall
  • Understand the Town Wetland By-Law setbacks so you can advise potential buyers accurately
  • Look for mapped wetlands at Mass GIS Oliver

Town of Yarmouth Wetland Protection By-Law Setbacks

  • Minor structures such as sheds, decks, and small additions may be allowed closer than 50 feet to a resource area but no closer than 35 feet 
  • With the exception of "Vista Pruning" a 35 foot undistributed natural vegetative buffer shall be maintained between all projects and wetland resource areas
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Chapter 91 Licensing

  • Chapter 91 regulates activities on both coastal and inland waterways, including constriction, dredging, and filling in the tidelands and great ponds
  • The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection administers the program. All structures (including dock revetments) in tidelands or great ponds require a Chapter 91 License 
  • To see the list of great ponds in Yarmouth, click here.

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