2019 STM Draft Zoning Articles

Proposed Zoning Amendments for 2019 Special Town Meeting (STM)


Although the Planning Board had not initially considered any zoning amendments for the October 29, 2019 Special Town Meeting, a couple issues arose over the summer which the Board wanted to address this fall.  The two proposed Zoning Amendments can be viewed, along with supplemental information, at the links below. 

·     Zoning Map Amendments:  These Amendments modify the zoning districts for four properties along or near Route 28 for consistency to simplify permitting and allow for ease of redevelopment.  These properties include Captain Parkers Restaurant and three parcels at or adjacent to Great Island Plaza.

o   STM Warrant Article #4

o   STM Zoning Map Amendments

·    Sign Amendments:  These Amendments would allow for temporary signs for special events on town-owned land for for-profit entities in conjunction with amendments to the Board of Selectmen Community Event Sign Policy.  Although temporary signs for special events are currently allowed for religious, civic and non-profit organizations, for-profit ventures like the Country Fest at the former Drive-In Site were not eligible for the larger 32 square foot (sf) Community Event Sign.  As the Town wants to promote these types of events on town-owned property, the amendments would allow for larger signs for Temporary Outdoor Recreation on town owned land if approved by the Selectmen through the Use of Town Owned Property application process.  The sign Amendments also add a third Community Information Board, which could ultimately be installed at the former Drive-In site or at some other location chosen by the Selectmen.  The Town currently has two community information boards, one at D-Y High School and one at the Chamber of Commerce on Route 28.

o   STM Warrant Article #5

o   Redline Edits of Section 303 Sign Bylaw

o   Redline Edits of Board of Selectmen Community Event Sign Policy 
(proposed edits would need to be adopted by the Board of Selectmen after STM)

The Planning Board will be holding a formal Public Hearing for the zoning amendments on Wednesday October 16, 2019 at 5:30 PM.  The meeting will be held in the Hearing Room of Yarmouth Town Hall at 1146 Route 28 in South Yarmouth.  Any person interested or wishing to be heard on these proposals to amend the Zoning Bylaw should appear at the time and place designated.  Written comments will be accepted and should be directed to the Planning Board, c/o Kathy Williams, Town Planner, at kwilliams@yarmouth.ma.us