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Updated: September 3, 2021

The Planning Board would like to thank everyone who participated in and helped spread the word about the 2nd Visioning Survey.  With your support, we received 920 responses and were able to get valuable input on the draft Vision Statement showcasing Yarmouth as a great place to Live, Work, Play and Learn, and on the general Goals that focus on what we want to preserve, promote or provide for in our community.  

Staff has reviewed the 2nd Survey Results and the significant amount of written comments and prepared a 2nd Visioning Summary Memo, along with a PowerPoint Presentation that was given at the September 1st Planning Board meeting.  Over the next several months the Planning Board will review and evaluate the survey results and consider modifications to the vision and goals in preparation of a draft Vision Plan.  The Vision Plan will go out for public comment in the fall with the hopes of adopting the plan before the end of the year.  This Vision Plan will serve as the foundation for the update to the Local Comprehensive Plan (LCP) which serves as our community’s master plan, with action items and implementation strategies to reach our goals.

We encourage everyone to stay involved with the Visioning process and the upcoming Local Comprehensive Plan process as public participation is crucial to making these planning projects success.  Feel free to send any questions about the Visioning Project to visioning@yarmouth.ma.us 

If you are interested in background information on the visioning project to date, please take the opportunity to look at the links below which include information on the overall Visioning Process, the Kick-Off MeetingWorkshop PresentationSummary of 1st SurveyImplementation Schedule and Public Participation Plan.  We would also direct you to the Data Summary Sheets compiled on a variety of topics including Community Services, Local Economy, Housing, Community Design, Open Space, Climate Resiliency, Infrastructure and Water Resources. These summaries provide general topic related data and notable trends; identify existing programs and projects; and outline projects and initiatives the Town is currently working on.  

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Visioning Process Outline

Visioning Process Outline