Rent a Town-Owned Property for an Event

Please note: The Town is currently not accepting any applications to rent town properties due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation. 

To rent a recreational facility (Town fields, Flax Pond, Bass Hole Pavilion, Packet Landing Gazebo), please contact the Recreation Department.

For requests to rent other town properties, please submit an Application to Rent a Town-Owned Property Form. These forms may be submitted to Kyle Pedicini in person at Town Hall or by emailing . An insurance certificate naming the Town as additionally insured must also be submitted. 

Depending on details of the event, you may be required to submit additional applications/information to various town departments. A list of potential additional requirements can be found at the link below. 
Additional Event Requirements

If you are interested in utilizing the former Drive-In site (669 Route 28) as an event venue, please refer to the Drive-In Site Use Policy. Depending on the nature of the event, you may be required to present your application to the Board of Selectmen and/or may be required to submit a security deposit. 
2019 Irish Festival Aerial