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Click here to watch a recent Solarize Yarmouth installation in Yarmouth Port.


Solarize Plus Yarmouth is a program sponsored by the Town and the State Clean Energy Center to save money for Yarmouth residents by arranging for low cost solar power to cut your electric bills. With technical support from the State, Solarize ran a competitive bidding process to get the lowest possible price for solar installations. Combining the purchasing power of many homeowners, our winning bid from Solar Wolf Energy offers the best solar panels in the industry at a price way below market, and it’s all turnkey -- once you decide you want solar, the installer does the rest - they figure out how much solar you need to replace Eversource, design the layout, get the permits, install the panels, hook them up and get them turned on. You can contact Solar Wolf directly to schedule a site visit and get the details: Link to Solar Wolf Energy


At these prices, every participating homeowner will see big savings on your electric bill. Whether you buy outright or finance with a low-interest solar loan, the panels will pay for themselves and you will qualify for big income tax credits and additional payments from the utility companies for generating solar power under the State’s “SMART” program. And you’ll own your own electric power and win some independence from Eversource: add battery storage and you’ll have a resilient home that can keep the lights on through any storm.

By adding your clean renewable solar power to the electric grid, you’ll also help to fix the climate crisis that threatens Cape Cod. To learn more about solar panels, look here: Solar Panels FAQ


Solarize Plus Yarmouth also offers high efficiency mini-split heating and cooling systems which run on electricity. Mini-splits allow you to adjust the temperature for each room for comfort and efficiency, and cooling is more efficient and less costly than conventional air conditioning. Our chosen installer, South Shore Climate Control, is a top-notch professional installer with highly rated equipment. Schedule a site visit and let them tailor your installation to your particular needs: Link to South Shore Climate Control

To learn more about mini-splits, look here: mini-splits FAQ

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