Join hundreds of thousands of other volunteers in the world's largest volunteer effort for the ocean -- Ocean Conservancy's International Coastal Cleanup -- collecting trash, fishing line, and other marine debris and recording data on what they find. This data is used to find solutions for keeping trash out of the ocean. To volunteer for the Yarmouth beach cleanup, please contact Kelly Grant at the Town of Yarmouth at or 508-398-2231 ext. 1288 by September 22nd, 2017.

The Conservation Commission regulates all work that occurs within or adjacent to wetlands areas. Conservation regulations for projects have been promulgated by the state legislature and local town meeting. The Conservation Administrator may be contacted for any questions pertaining to specific projects or Commission jurisdictional issues.

The Conservation Administrator acts as a liaison between the Conservation Commission and the general public. The Commission conducts public hearings for various projects pursuant to the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. The Commission is also responsible for the management of over 1800 acres of Conservation land within the Town. The Conservation Administrator also oversees protection measures for endangered species and critical wildlife habitats. The Conservation Division is located on the lower level of the Town Hall across from the Board of Appeals office. 
For more information, please contact Kelly Grant, Conservation Administrator, at (508) 398-2231 ext. 1288.

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